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Blackheads or something else?

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Hey everyone,

I'm not going to into massive detail about my eight year battle with acne because then I'd be writing until my hands fell off. In short, despite all the different products I've used over the years, I have always retained a collection of tiny black dots spread across my nose and cheeks. They're hideous to look at, make my complexion dinge-y and overall make me feel disgusting; if someone gets too close to my face I have like a panic attack haha

my skin routine at night is as follows:

-First I use Paula's Choice 'Pore Normalising Cleanser' and wash it off with warm water
-I then use Thayers Rose Petal Toner
-I follow this with Paula's Choice 'Weekly Resurfacing Treatment' exfoliant (10% AHA)
-I then finish with jojoba oil as a moisturizer

In the morning my routine is:

-Splash my face with warm water then cold
-Tone with Thayers
-Apply Paula's Choice 'Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment'
-Moisturizer with jojoba oil 
-Apply SPF30

Any help would be much appreciated; my skin has been a factor in my depression in the past and played its part in my body dysmorphia so I'm practically begging for help now. I did a course of chemical skin peels at my dermatologist but saw no results at all

Thank you!!

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im starting to think this is caused by tremendous stress on the body and the skin loses its ability to function properly. the problem is once its clogged like that its almost impossible to fix as the pore will still be collecting oil undernieth

yours is very mild mine is worse as i spent a lot of time picking and poking trying to clear them but failed and mine have turned into ice pick scars

i would just be very gentle use bha and spf and try not to worry

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I would leave out the SPF on nose and other clogged areas. Also would not use oil on clogged skin. My skin is of similar texture (a bit worse maybe). I never use moisturiser, don't need it. The natural oils in the skin keep it moisturised. I also question the use of 'brightening' cream.  I don't know the product but it doesn't sound necessary. It sounds like something for older skin. Drink plenty of water and as clean a diet as possible can help with texture and brightness.

I can relate though looking at your photos. I have had blackheads on my nose my whole life it seems.  Salicylic acid and other things can work temporarily I've found.

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