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Acne Red Marks? Hyperpigmentation? Hypertropic?

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I've had these spots since summer of 2014 after I had a severe break out and didn't really actually care about it since my father recently passed away. Started using benzoyl peroxide when school started; stopped using it now and now I've been stuck with this. Anyone know how to get rid of these spots?  It's now summer of 2016 and I seriously don't know what to do because they aren't going away on their own. 

Today I bought:
Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment 
Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser
Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer

Did I even buy the right stuff? Because I don't even know if this is the right stuff I should be using to get ride of these spots. Hope someone can please help.


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Hey man, it looks like you still have some active acne. Red marks aka Post inflammatory erythema usually goes away on its own after a few months if untreated, and the main focus for treatment of PIE is preventing the acne macules that cause the red marks themselves. As long as you keep getting new acne, you will keep getting new red marks, which is why you still have some even though you mentioned breaking out in 2014. If you really want to read into it, heres a few links:


As for the products you purchased, I believe a lot of these things are results of marketing schemes. Instead of reading what the product claims on the bottle itself, look for the active ingredient in the product. For me clean & clear was simply too irritating and drying for my skin, and have since been using a natural cleanser. However my best advice to you would be to visit a dermatologist and go on a treatment under their supervision, or hop on the acne.org regimen. Personally I've gone the dermatologist route and got prescribed tretinoin & azelaic acid, and since then my acne and dark/pink marks have improved dramatically. 

Hope I've helped :)

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You can give those products a try and see if they help. Try applying the Regimen principles to your products, you might be more successful. 

I agree with Tretinoin about seeing a derm who can make recommendations for your specific acne. Getting your acne under control is the first step toward preventing new red marks. Treating existing red marks is a later step. Your red marks will go away on their own even if you do nothing, but a little 10% glycolic acid might be just the thing for you to help speed up the fading process. Dan's AHA+ is the bomb! |::) Worked to to help fade a lot of my son's red marks and PIH, and they're getting better and better with time.

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