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What kind of acne is this?? Won't respond to treatments (picture)

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I'm so frustrated. I'm a 17 year old girl, and I have moderate acne on my face, chest, shoulders, back, butt, and legs. It's beyond embarrassing (especially because it's summer). I can't go to the beach, I can't wear tank tops. I've spent hundreds of dollars on OTC creams and lotions that haven't done anything, and I went to the dermatologist a month ago. He gave me Clindamycin for the morning, Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for the shower, Benzefoam after showering, and Ziana at night. He also prescribed me an oral antibiotic that I will not be taking as I don't respond well to antibiotics (I get very sick). I've seen little to no improvement. I'm admittedly a compulsive skin picker but I have acne in places I can't even reach, and even when I don't pick I still get acne. I had my hormones tested a month ago and everything came back normal so birth control or spironolactone won't help. I seriously don't understand what's wrong, I take so many precautions to keep my skin clean and I'm extremely hygenic. I take a B complex vitamin, Vitamin D and probiotics. Accutane isn't an option, the side effects seem to outweigh the benefits. The only time I've seen my skin partially clear is after I got a bad sunburn. I'm even too embarrassed to get naked with my boyfriend because of my skin. It's absolutely disgusting and makes me feel awful.This is ruining my life, please help. 


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Take accutane if you want to enjoy your summer. It responds really good to moderate acne, and for most of the people its side effects do not outweigh the results. By the have you tried benzoyl peroxide in acne.org regimen?

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