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Sudden Acne Breakout on Cheeks,Please help

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Hi Everyone.

This is my first post on the forums.The question is concerned with my wife who is 27 years old.There is no history of pregnancy.

She and her family never had any history of acne problems but about 3-4 months back she had a sudden breakout of acne on her cheeks.
And since then it has not stopped.

She has consulted 2 doctors till now and below is what the doctors suggested:
1) She hits the gym everyday so the first guess was that may be a supplement like protein/multivitamin/BCAA(All GNC products) or Preworkout might have caused this.
So she stopped consuming the supplements for last 4 weeks but still there are new acne spots on her face and the situation has not improved.

2) The dermatologist suggested that she should go for Ovarian Cyst ultrasound but that also came normal.
3) Doctor also prescribed one salicylic acid based cleanser which she is using on daily basis for about a month now.
4) She has been using oil free moisturizer since many years.

Her diet is very simple and nothing which would promote/cause acne breakout.Water intake and everything is completely normal.
She takes very good care of her skin since the time before the acne issue.

This one moth has been really frustrating for her as after all the tests and precaution,we still don't know the root cause.

Thank you for going through the post ,i have attached a photo of her as well.Please let me know if you need more information.
I really appreciate your time and would be great to have some suggestions.

Thank you everyone for reading.


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What had she changed 3 to 4 months ago? Birth control? Stress? Work? Has she always exercised so intensely? Has the doctor not prescribed some kind of acne treatment like benzoyl peroxide or retinoids?

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