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Face is covered in scabs, PLEASE help!

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Somebody please help me. I have had scabs in the past, but never like this. For some reason my face decided to break out really bad after being completely clear for 3 months and I (the idiot I am) tried popping every single deep nodule I got on my face. I had 2 on my forehead and one on each cheek. The two on my forehead have been huge scabs since Sunday, and I have another huge scab on my left cheek that formed yesterday. When I say huge, I mean these scabs are literally ruining my life right now. I had a nightmare about looking in the mirror, and did not go out of my house at all today. I can not take the current state of my face any longer and I don't know what to do! I've been putting vitamin e oil, tea tree oil, aloe, neosporin, triple antibiotic ointment and apple cider vinegar on them, alternating between each one depending on the time of day. The two on my forehead are ugly and red, but I can tell are beginning to heal. They are getting tight around the edges, and are beginning to itch. I have not picked at them at all. The one on my cheek however, is red around the edges, with a white crusty spot in the middle. What's worse is that I have another pimple right next to this scab that still hasn't come to a head. My entire face looks like a pepperoni pizza, with very strategically placed pepperonis. These scabs just will not heal! How do I get them to be concealable by Friday? I just want the two on my forehead gone, and the one on my cheek at least on its way to healing by then. I have had scabs heal in two days before, and the state of my face is all I can think about. What is a quick way to heal acne scabs? I feel like I have tried everything! :smileys_n_people_57:

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Trust me, I know how frustrated you feel. But you have to wait, let it do its own thing. Aloe Vera or maybe nothing on your face and wait. The scabs need to harden(?) and the head of the pimple to travel your skin up. I know it seems impossible and you will feel powerless but it is the only thing you can do. If you can't be doing anything for your scabs try liquid strips I used to put them on destroyed cyst since they feel like a broken blister.
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