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Nightshades bad for acne?

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Do you think nightshade foods are bad for acne? I think I had a terrible reaction to eggplant . I know tomatoes, potato's tobacco and such are in the nightshade family. Some sites claim they are bad for psoriasis and arthritis, which are inflammatory issues. Do you think so?

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Hiya, I replied to your other thread, but thought I'd share my experiences here!

Since being rushed to hospital with an allergic reaction a decade ago, I often get a similar burning sensation on my tongue from raw tomatoes, however I've always ignored it and still eaten them. I have also felt quite sick after meals with eggplant in, so have avoided them in general. It started to concern me that my body was rejecting these foods, however slight.

A couple of months ago I had some terrible cystic outbreaks when I woke up in the morning (I usually get them in the evening) and linked it to my evenings meals the previous night, which had, without fail, been extremely high in nightshades (a combo of at least 3 each time). I have also had particularly frequent outbreaks of cystic acne this year in particular and the only changes in my lifestyle have been 1) to eat nightshades every evening (as I cook up a batch of tomatoes and red pepper chilli every week) and 2) drink one filter coffee every day.

I have since cut nightshades out as part of an elimination diet (with other changes, such as quitting coffee) and have had perfectly clear skin for a month now (including through my time of the month!). I will try reintroducing them at some point soon and report back!

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Hey thanks so much for replying!
Yes the day after I ate eggplant AND tomatoes I had like 5 or 6 itchy red spots, the kind I get from dairy. I thought it might have been sweets I ate but I don't usually break out from one cupcacke.
I have a friend who is allergic to tomatoes and corn but sdsdhe still had awful break outs despite avoiding them...well she is a smoker, tobacco is a nightshade.
Hey if your skin is clear I wouldn't mess with it...but that's just me.
How are you with peanuts and mushrooms?

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I've been eating mushrooms the whole time with no problem!

Avoiding peanuts as they are high in Omega 6 and walnuts break me out in cystic acne.

Skin still 100% clear at the moment and scars fading (literally first time in 10 years since I was on meds). This week I stopped bothering with ACV and it made no difference. I have avoided bread though this week. Everything else the same... I think it's the green veg smoothies doing it... Totally sorting out my digestive system and super alkaline! I will let you know what happens after I reintroduce nightshades this weekend!

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