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Please read , I feel like I'm dying every second of living

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....I don't know how to start , everything is against me . I'm just a teenager , 17 yo . My acne started at 10-11 ( forehead acne ) at 14 I started to develop acne everywhere on face . I changed 4 derms in 2 and a half years ( since I started to take care about my acne ) . I feel like I can't live anymore in this word . In just 2 years my acne left me with horrible moderate scars . I tried all the typically shitty products : zynerit , skinoren , tetracycline , metronidasol , doxy , isotrexin and more and more . My anxiety level is over 90000 , my mental health is ruined . Now I'm on my 5th week of tretinoin , I also take vitamin A+D2 , vitamin E , zync , I'm also on my 3th month with doxy and things just got worse and worse . My acne is scarring so hard and nobody put me on accutane  , my current derm said if things won't get any better she will put me on accutane in autumn because now It s summer . I should take accutane a loong time ago but nobody give it to me ....I'm crying Idk what should I do anymore .... 

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Hey i am around 10 and 11 and i have major acne!!Around my lips chin nose forehead and cheaks i am also starting to have black heads i am a female and i think the best solution would be Asepxia Acne wash or Acne lotion.You can find this at walmart,walgreens and cvs.I also would recommend if you eat lots of chocolate dont please and aplly honey aloe vera or sugar.Sea water also helps . Either one is safe .DONT apply lemon or toothpaste

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Hey man, is your acne really as bad as you say it is? If its severe enough I don't see why your derm wouldn't have put you on accutane. As for the tretinoin, this stuff really works! Right now you're going through the initial purge phase, where its basically purging all your impurities from your skin. Keep your head up high though, within a few weeks it'll slow down and eventually, you'll be clear :) 

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