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Okay so I just wanted to report my success on accutane for all of you wishy washy about the drug. I have had persistent acne since I was 13 and I am now 23. I wouldn't call it cystic but I do get cysts as well as a lot of tiny bumps all over and some red inflamed ones. Since turning 20 it has gotten a bit better but I almost never have totally clear skin. I tried literally everything, every over the counter product, diet, cleanse, uv lights, facials, peels, etc. last year I started modeling and got signed to a nyc agency while my skin was fairly good. But this winter all hell broke loose esp during fashion week and the only thing that would make it slightly better was a monthly facial with extractions. I'm talking face covered in little bumps and blackheads/ whiteheads, red inflamed ones, cysts, etc. my skin was very clogged. I finally went back to the derm and she prescribed me .3% adalopene gel, which I used morning and night. It made my skin purge a bit and my right side of my face was covered in cysts. After 2 weeks of that I went on accutane 20mg a day. Today is only DAY 3 of accutane and my skin is flat no pimples except a few tiny bumps (like 5) that you can hardly see. I have marks that are healing quickly (I think the adalopene is helping). I can't believe the rate of success I'm having. No side effects, my skin is not overly dry, just not oily and when I wash it with my low grade benzoyl peroxide cleanser the old skin rolls off. I'm wearing light tinted moisturizer with spf during the day. My advice? GO ON ACCUTANE!!!! 

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Update: first week all of my existing pimples cleared up. Week two all hell broke loose as my skin "purged". My jaw on the right side of my face erupted in large cysts (I rarely get cysts) and the rest of my face was covered in bumps and whiteheads. I made the mistake of picking at these which led to tons of scabs. Finally I just left it alone to heal which it did very rapidly. The tiny bumps are now almost gone and the scabs have dried up and wash off when I wash my face. The cysts are gone except for 2 and the rest of my face is evening out :)

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