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I was on this website a few years back. At the time I was just starting DKR and it worked fairly well for me up until now. I don't want to discourage anyone because it really is an amazing product however I feel that my skin does not react to it anymore. Along with that I can't find a moisturizer that works with my skin since it's very oily, most moisturizers break me out so I refrain from using one and that makes my skin very hard and my pores look huge. I've recently started to just consider going on accutane.. I didn't do it before because I read so many horror stories and  how bad the side effects were. I wanted to hear from people who have been on accutane and what their experience was like. I'd greatly appreciate it

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I took oratane/accutance 2 years ago . Experience for me was that pretty dry lips , dry skin (its bad real bad ) even though i took quite a low dosage 20mg for 6 months . First two month my acne flared up due to oratane and the next 4 month it eventually gotten better and acne stopped appearing though there was quite alot of scars . Currently my skin is alooootttt better than in the past and now im just dealing with new acne marks . and accutance/oratane made my active acne and marks go away so slowly that is was pretty bad after having new acne with the old acne .... 

If your acne ain't so bad i wouldn't recommend accutance/oratane .. its more for those people who somehow tried antibiotics and cream .. i tried for 2 months -3 months before they recommended me  to take accutance/oratane

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