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Acne gone :) Can I stop using the products?

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I've been using acne.org for about 2 years and for about the last year on it I haven't got any spots :) (on my face). I do still get boils/deep under skin spots on other parts of my body where I haven't used the products.
Am I ok to stop using the products? Are there any side effects for using them long term? 'Im a bit scared to stop using them incase I get a spot that then will take about a month to disappear! 

Any advice appreciated :)


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Good day,

please I just started using the regimen kit, like 10days ago.  My face is looking darker like my skin burnt. Can I use make up?

will all these reaction go away while my skin get use to the product?

response will be appreciated.


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@Rebecca_camille: It would be wise to not stop using your acne medication. It's the reason your condition has gotten better. One of the biggest mistakes people do it stop using their acne medication when they see improvements. Remember that acne medications are not "cures" they simply help maintain a healthier essence. Therefore, since it isn't a "cure" then you must continue to use the products you found effective as the acne may return and for some it returns with a vengeance. 
I find products mixed with organic natural ingredients (e.g., green tea, tea tree oil) and scientific ingredients (e.g., salicylic acid, benzole peroxide) work best as they're proven to show results. All in all, everyone's skin is different; so, I advise that, if you found success with your routine, you continue. 

I hope that helps. 

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