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Glycolic or salicylic. What's better for my situation

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A couple weeks ago I gave myself a glycolic peel and my face was red for a couple days and peeling. I felt it wasn't the right peel for me so I gave myself a salicylic peel and my face wasn't peeling or red as I didnt feel it really do anything. I know salicylic peels are for people who are more acne prone which my skin is. I'm not as worried about acne as my skin has gotten a heck of a lot better and mostly clear. The only thing that I am concerned about now are hyperpigmentation. About five years ago I had a breakout on my forehead where it resulted in really bad scabbing from a Breakout and because of that I now have what looks like white circular spots on the left and right side of my forehead that look like sun spots damaged. It's definitely whiter than my normal skin tone so I'm wondering if that is something a glycolic peel would fix more than a salicylic peel

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For hyperpigmentation specifically I would recommend a glycolic acid product, essentially an AHA. I feel an actual peel is far too strong however so you may benefit from an AHA serum. I would look into Paulas Choice AHA 8% glycolic acid serum or alternatively Dan's AHA from this site. 

Could you post a pic of your skin?

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