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Hi I'm a 38 year old female who started taking accutane for my moderate, persistent back acne. I am on 20mg per day and i am just on day 2. I have a few questions I forgot to ask my dermatologist. The first is : what is the best lotion to help with dry skin ( I've always had oily skin so I rarely used any type of lotion / moisturizer )?  Also I have read that aquafor is a life / lip saver...is this a prescription? And a question for the ladies, did you wear liquid foundation while your skin was flakey and dry? If so, what kind? I imagine that my face will probably break out so I am just trying to prepare myself for the upcoming months. I am scared ( bc of the horror stories I've read! ) but I'm also hopeful for the end result of having CLEAR skin! 

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Hey there, 

First of all let me tell you something….do not believe in all the horror stories you read/watch on the Internet/YouTube about Accutane, depression it causes, initial breakout etc, etc. I was sooo scared of starting this medication. I actually cried when I came back home from my derm appointment with pills in my hand. I was terrified of getting the initial breakout and my face getting messed up. I’m 27 years old and suffered from mild but persistent acne for 7 years. I have tried every single topical and oral antibiotic available, changing the diet, taking vitamins….everything. Never got the results I wanted! I couldn’t believe when my GP actually suggested visiting the dermatologist and going on Accutane.

I’m on day 64 so just started my 3rd month. The results are unbelievable! I weight 50 kg so I was on 20 mg in a first month, 40 mg in my second month and I’m staying on 40 mg in my 3rd month. NEVER GOT THE IB. I had some clogged pores popping out in my 1st month but that was it. I’m currently trying to minimize dryness which causes my skin to pill and therefore I get small red marks/patches on my face. Sometimes they really do not look pretty! My face is a bit red as well.

1.     1.  Everyone says that cetaphil is the best for dry skin and I do agree but I don’t like the feeling of having it on my face. I’ve been using la roche posay toleriane ultra and I love it. You can get the night and day cream. The day cream is good as a base before you put your make up.

2.     2.  I have found that using baby oil on my body after showering and before putting regular body moisturisers works like a charm!

3.     3.  You can get aquafor from any drug store without prescription. I also suggest thick layer of pure Vaseline at night.

4.     4.  I’ve been using NARS liquid foundation but I need to make sure that my face is properly moisturised. I should probably change the foundation but NARS is so light and it never broke me out. I think I will just stick to moisturising my face properly before putting the foundation on which looks amazing now

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, be prepared for side effects. Dryness, headaches, tiredness, hair falling etc, etc.  They are not fun at all. I have never been so tired in my life! It’s all worth it through but that’s just my opinionJ.

Good luck!


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