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MIT researchers develop artificial skin

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Link to article: http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/mit-researchers-artificial-skin/

Even though most of the article mentions Cosmetic and Vanity reasons to use this, I think a more pressing application of this can be for Acne Scar patients!!!  Yes, some people may want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, under eye area, etc., BUT those in my opinion are all VAIN things - everybody ages and everybody gets older (unless you have the money to continually get plastic surgery....)...  Acne scarring is whole different ballgame however: it truly has much worse psychological effects on the person who has them due to how he/she is treated by other people!  I truly think that we need someone or a group of acne scar sufferers to start reaching out and making our case heard!  We need these technologies more than people who just want to look younger!

Does anyone else with bad enough acne scarring, such that you get negative (i.e. frightened, or disgusted looks, or negative comments, can't make eye contact, etc.) reactions from other people, feel the same way as I do that we have to start reaching out to the developers of these technologies??  We can't wait for Drs., plastic surgeons, etc. to do it for us because there is a lot of money in doing all sorts of procedures for acne scarring with only tens of % improvement.  This artificial skin layer seems like it could be a good camouflage for atrophic/rolling/boxcar/ and icepick scarring....

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The problem is these companies will always market the product to where the most dollar potential is.  There is more potential in treating aging issues because everyone is a potential customer.  While I agree we suffer WAAAAY more and are more deserving we will not usually be a top priority for new technologies.  

I did read about this product and it is legit and will most likely improve acne scars.  We will have to wait a while for it however, as the company is going after FDA approval for a slightly different weaker formulation that will be marketed mare as a substance that is applied to the skin to keep medications on the skin.  The formulation that is stronger that reduces eye bags (and therefore scarring) will be applied for later.

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