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Red dark circle spot underneath eye

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For the last 2-3 months I have noticed these little red circular spots that appear and disappear under neath my eyes. It has happened to both eyes, but currently I have one larger red spot underneath my right eye. I have tried benzoyl peroxide, lemon, ice, and even cortisone cream. However, while the rest of my face has no acne, this little sucker won't budge. I do take oral contraceptives and I do currently take seasonal allergy meds. The red spot is not raised, I have tried steam but nothing rises to the surface of my skin. I attached a photo--any ideas or remedies? Any help is much appreciated. image.jpeg

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Hi there, I actually think that might be a hive! Is it itchy/maybe a little painful?

Steaming will definitely make that spot redder and irritate it so I would avoid that, and you should definitely not be using cortisone on your face seeing as it is a steroid, no matter what is on your face! As hard as it may be, definitely try not using products on your face for a week and just leave it be (no concealer, no steaming, no face wash) and I think it will most likely fix it. I had those for a little bit, but once I stopped using things and stopped thinking about it so much, they disappeared and stopped reappearing (mine would pop up and then disappear and the less I paid attention to them, the quicker they'd disappear and now I don't get them at all!). The key is patience, time, and determination! Good luck!

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