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8 weeks into Tetrasysal and having problems **Long post sorry**

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Hi, I'm 8 weeks into a 12 week course of antibiotics (tetrasysal). After two cosmetic procedures, i was left with a skin infection. The first few weeks I saw no change, by about week four or five my skin had actually cleared which I thought was amazingly quick. It remained clear for approximately two weeks. Then I started noticing raised bumps and little whiteheads. Each day there was more and more appearing, and now my entire face looks like a red raised rash full of little white heads. I've researched and the only thing it looks like is folliculitis. I read into folliculitis and taking tetrasysal, and found out that the tetracycline group of antibiotics specifically can cause a certain type of folliculitis. 
If this is the case then it would make sense that although I was using nothing on my face apart from water, my skin is still breaking out worse and worse each day.

I went back to the doctors today and the nurse said it does look typical of folliculitis, she was going to prescribe something else which had to be taken 4 times a day but apparently would significantly get rid of it in as little as a week. That was till she asked for the opinion of a doctor. He came in, pretty much dismissed everything. Said that if the antibiotics weren't working then I just needed more. Shrugged it off as typical acne without even looking at me. He sent me away with a prescription for an antifungal shampoo (cause I suffer with dandruff), and a steroid ointment. 
I broke down in tears when he left the room and the nurse asked if I wasn't happy with that. I told her that I'm pretty sure of what it is and although the doctor said the antibiotics can't cause it, I'd done plenty of research saying different, and that I was scared that if it is the case and they are causing it then obviously continuing to take them is only going to cause more harm. She was much more willing to try and help me and understands what it's doing to me. She's contacting the doctor I saw originally for advice tomorrow and calling me back. She said also that the doctor would see me in a weeks time and if it hadn't improved then she'd consider using the medication suggested 4 times a day.
The even funnier thing about this male doctor that was so sure of himself, is that he prescribed me a steroid ointment that isn't even dispensed anymore, so I'm without that now aswel.
I'm completely on the floor with my depression and I've been told that until they have exhausted anything they can try, I won't be referred to a dermatologist. 

Has anyone had similar experiences with Tetrasysal? 
Why would it clear my face and stay that way for two weeks and then break out into something different? Is it just me or is it either not working or has it caused a different thing entirely (folliculitis)? 

I'm so confused and distressed. Any input would be appreciated :smileys_n_people_40:.

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I got my call back Wednesday last week from the nurse. She had a good chat with the doctor who prescribed me the antibiotics and she said that it was best to stop them for 2 weeks to see if my face calmed or improved and not to use the steroid ointment cause it could make it worse (the thoughts I expressed exactly!). I was initially happy with that decision, but then I started thinking more and more. Yes it's the right thing, but not treating it wasn't. I called the doctors the next day and was told the doctor would ring me the next morning. She called and I broke down on the phone, I told her that I was confident I have a fungal folliculitis not bacterial, and that I was desperate to treat it, I can't go on like this. She highly doubted that it was a fingal infection which annoyed me, but she did admit that the antibiotics could have cause a form of folliculitis. Without seeing my face she couldn't do anything and the best she could offer is an appointment for next Thursday (now this thursday). I had no choice but to just take that appointment and hope I didn't get any worse. 
Since researching and being very confident that I have pityrosporum folliculitis, I drastically changed my diet (candida diet) in an attempt to stop feeding the fungas, added in lots of natural anti fungal foods and I've only been drinking water, lemon water and green tea. Complete desperation I know, but if it makes a difference I don't care.

By Saturday I just had a complete meltdown, couldn't stop crying, really just didn't want to be here to see another day. On Sunday my husband went to boots (uk) in search of a few things for me (I'd sent a list of possibilities). He didn't have much luck in there as the pharmacist was on a break. His next call was Lloyds pharmacy. He couldn't get the probiotics from there, but did give the pharmacist all of my symptoms and described my face. Told him that I'd been on antibiotics for 8 weeks and broke out with this after 6 weeks. My husband told him I'd been heavily researching and was confident I have pityrosporum folliculitis and that I am sure it's a fungal problem not bacterial. He agreed! Said it was highly likely that the antibiotics will have caused it due to clearing the bacteria too well, and obviously taking out all the good bacteria. He said even after a few weeks of antibiotics  (doesn't have to be longterm) it could happen (explains being clear for 2 weeks before breaking out into this). He gave my husband the cream that I'd actually wrote down (clotrimazole), an anti fungal cream, and said that I should see some improvement after a week of use (applying 2-3 times daily). Well I'm now onto day 3 of using the cream 3 times a day (not using anything else on my face apart from water) and I've already (touch wood) saw big improvement. I've still got a long way to go as it's covering my face, but majority of the bumps are getting smaller and drying out. My nose and chin are relatively clear, and a patch under each eye so far down is reasonably clear and flat too. I don't like to think too much of something too soon as I'm always skeptical and look on the down side, but I think it's gave me atleast a little hope, and if nothing else it's proved me to be right! It is fungal folliculitis. 
Now when I go for my doctors appointment on Thursday, I can tell her and prove a point. Researching might finally get you a diagnosis that you otherwise might not get. All the stories I read really helped me to put 2 and 2 together and to hopefully avoid alot of misdiagnosis and bad medication. I think every doctor should be made to tell people to take probiotics and to adjust their diet accordingly, whilst taking antibiotics. Maybe that way people would have half a chance of not going through this pain and distress. 
My main worry is that majority of people with pityrosporum folliculitis have it for life, it just keeps recurring. So maintenance is apparently very important in trying to keep it at bay, and noticing the first signs of it reappearing. I'm absolutely devastated that it's come to this and it's likely it will stay with me, all cause of the use of antibiotics. I can only hope that the diet helps, I still need to find a good probiotic, and I'll keep this cream handy. I really hope it clears up completely within the next few weeks, it's stopped me from living.

I've read alot about Neem soap being particularly beneficial to people with skin disorders (a woman used it after 3 years of misdiagnosis and bad medication along with a few other things and it worked for her).
Can anyone recommend it personally?
It's something I'm thinking of trying as it's apparently a natural antifungal and antibacterial.

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Went for my doctors appointment today which was totally useless. Initially dismissed it as acne and was going to treat it as that. I went into more detail, showed her what my skin was like before the procedures etc and told her I'd done extensive research. Told her I'd been using an antifungal cream since Sunday and that so far it's improved significantly. Still tried to pass it off as acne, until I told her that I was sure I have pityrosporum folliculitis. The next bit made me laugh. A 'doctor' had to Google it to read through symptoms etc etc. She then said right fair enough you've probably had complications due to the antibiotics and it's caused this. She very reluctantly took my point and agreed. Although she wouldn't prescribe anything apart from more of the cream I'd bought myself after diagnosing my myself! She made me another appointment for 3 weeks time to see how it's going, and said if in a few weeks time my skin is somehow amazing, then to stop using it. 
Yeah I stood my ground and I made her accept she was wrong and it's correctly diagnosed myself, but I left there so disheartened and I've just lost all faith in doctors. I came home and just burst into tears. I've been advised to continue using nothing else on my face but water which is killing me cause I don't want to leave the house looking so awful. The only hope I have, is for the cream to continue working and make a bigger improvement. I've got my daughters first big dance performance on Sunday in a big forum that will be packed out and I don't feel like I can face people bare faced. I really do hope miracles can happen in a few days.

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Just read your recent post. Miracles do happen, have faith :) 
It's worked thus far so hopefully it will help more by tomorrow.


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