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Acnecide and Cetaphil gentle cleanser

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I am a 23 year old female, and have suffered from moderate, sporadic breakouts since my early teens. For the last year my skin has been pretty good, which I believe is due to a simple skincare routine (I just cleanse with cetaphil) and being on Yasmin contraceptive pill. However in the last month my skin has broken out, mainly on my upper lip, around mouth kind of area. I had recently changed to using Clarins products, in a bid to stop the early signs of aging!! This week I have gone back to using cetaphil, and have started using acnecide 5%. Does anyone else have a positive experience of this combination? I really want my average, much less spotty face back!! Thanks :) 

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Hi Betsy,

Wow, snap! I'm on Yasmin and using both Acnecide and Cetaphil cleanser haha. Acnecide has always been a good shout, been on it twice in 3 years, had a break for 5 months but the acne fought back. The cream is a simple thing to do, I will happily use it for the rest of my life if need be haha. The cleanser hasn't made things better or worse really. I just feel refreshed when I use it. Yasmin... I haven't noticed anything in particular, maybe I'd have more flare ups if I wasn't on it but I honestly can't tell with Acnecide doing all the work. It's good for stopping the dreaded contraceptive cravings though so it's good for other reasons haha. I hope you get on well with them all :)

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Hey!! Hope you're getting on well!! I've had 6 months of pretty good skin...only the odd spot and have got very complacent with this. My skin has started breaking out again around my jaw (why is it always in a certain area?) so have gone back to the acnecide. The last 6 months I've just been using cetaphil cleanser and my skin has been good. I came off Yasmin 8 ish months ago but considering going back on it again!! 

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