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I am really hoping someone has some information for me, or someone has had the same and found a remedy, or someone who knows what these things are! All of the above would be best lol! But im just looking for ideas on how to get rid...... Of these small little bumps that have become the Bain of my life the last couple of years! I had perfectly blemish free skin through your my life until I hit 30 and now suddenly over the last couple of years I have these annoying small little flesh colours bumps all over my face..... Mainly located to my cheek area and forehead, where they are in big clusters.... My forehead being the worst! In daylight it looks like I have really bad acne prone skin which is upsetting me! I've attached a picture for a better idea of what I'm talking about, though they were really hard to capture! No matter how much I cleanse my skin nothing seems to work :( if it's any help, or relevant I also have pretty oil skin too.
ive also stopped wearing makeup unless I'm going out and that hasn't made the slightest difference 

any help on what they are and what I can do would be greatly appreciated



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Can u tell us what products you are using, cleansers moisturisers, serums, etc? If you never head tendency for this sort of acne, it might be product related. 
I'll recommend some treatments with acids wither salicylic or glycolic or a product contaning both. Not a peel, just a serum or an exfoliating gel. 
But first tell us about ypur products because if you're using something that's causing the problem, no treatment will solve it.
Secondly, don't worry too much. They are barely noticeabe, you can beat them. 

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These bumps are just closed and open clogged pores which means they are filled with sebum and dead skin cells but not inflamed, so you are very lucky in that respect! 
Once they are there they are very hard to treat but they are more easily prevented so you will get rid of them with some patience. I just went through a long phase like this myself and I'm finally on the other end so I think I can recommend you some products. But o need to know what you are using how long you were using it for and if your happy with the products because there is no point starting a completely new regimen and wasting money if you're already on the right track :) also like I said it could be something you're using already that is the culprit. 

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Hi Ya! thank you so much for your reply
i don't currently have a specific beauty regime, to be honest I never have, so I'm one of those that just buys products that catch my eye at the time, for the last couple of months I've been using the pink grapefruit neutrogena facial wash, naobay natural and organic calming face toner and the simple brand moisturiser, I haven't noticed a difference in any products I have used over the last couple of years since they appeared, no better and no worse, so I'm not sure it is product related, though I would definitely snap up any products that specifically target this. Sort of thing if you have suggestions!
one regime I did have for three months last year was the garnier pure active range, I used the intensive charcoal face scrub, intense purifying  toner and moisturiser because it contained Salicylic acid, in the hope that would attack them, honestly didn't notice hardly any difference, The only difference was my skin was slightly lighter looking lol! So it has cleared out some deep dirt I would have bought! I actually stopped using it because the skin around my nose looked like it was thinning, but that may be because i used them morning and night daily and the toner is potent, so very strong in smell so must have been just as strong to my skin!

one thing I have read on Google is Nizarol shampoo is recommended to rid of them, though I don't know if that's something I should attempt?

sorry to hear you've been through this as well! They are annoying little things aren't they!
even my best foundations don't cover them, been so long since I've had a smooth base of foundation!

really appreciate your help on this! 


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Bloody closed commedones, the nightmare in my life too. Anything with Salicylic Acid in is the best from them. I hear Paula's choice is a good range.

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I have these too for 7 years!! So frustrating because they are a persistent, type of acne that people often say 'its not that bad' but all you want is them gone!!

I've messed around with SO many treatments, including makeup which I've hoped won't irritate my skin and is oil free, hypoallergenic, non comedogenic etc 

The only time they completely cleared was for the 6 months I used benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. It took a few weeks to start working, and made me slightly itchy at first but honestly, it will keep them flat!!! You can get it prescribed by a GP where i live in the Uk, or, you can order it off ebay for less than £10 and I'm sure it'll be worth it. Don't mess around eliminating ingredients from your regime before you try BP!! 

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First thing I'll say is, pick your products and stick to them and ditch any serums and antiaging producst at the moment, until you clear this up. Stick to the basics, is the best you can for your skin in times of crisis. 

Use a gentle, NON FOAMING cleanser. Tight and dry skin contributes to formation of these little suckers so much! 
What works for me the best are micellar waters, especially Eucerin's. Water dries out my skin too much, soap do bubbling cleansers. Micellar waters are very mild cleansers that have the right ph to use on your skin (5.5ph). All you need to do is put some on a cotton pad and wipe your face gently with a few pads until they come clean. Trust me it is all you need and they do clean just as well as foaming washes. 
Foaming washes cause your skin to dry out and dry skin cells will clog your pores. 

Secondly. You need two products. You do need a product with salicylic acid in it like you said, but stay way from the drugstore products. They do not have the right ph to work. Salicylic is obviously an acid, which means it needs to have a ph of 3-4.5 to keep it's acidic, exfoliating abilities. None of the drug store products do. The most effective product is Paula's Choice BHA toner. 
Now. Keep in mind that contrary to popular opinion, salicylic acid won't get rid of them, but it will keep them from reappearing so you need to incorporate it in your routine asap. A lot of people say that salicylic doesn't show any effects for 3 months. That's because once you have these clogs they re just to  hard to be broken down in most cases. BUT it will keep them from coming.  

To break them down you will also need to go the the pharmacy an d use a benzoyl perioxide cream.  Now,  benzoyl perioxide is mostly used for inflamatory acne, because it kills acne bacteria. However, it's also super good and drying these suckers out and sloughing them off so they eventually fall out on their own. All phramacies hvae them behind the counter and you don't need perscription. 

Lastly, you will need a good non comodegenic mouisturiser. You can us something you have tried out and tested yourself, but for me personally, the only one that doesn't break me out is Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream with 5% Urea. Paula's Choice carries some good options for oily skin, do check them out! 

This is what your routine should look like:

Cleanse micellar water

Cleanse with micellar water
Salicylic Acid  or BP (alternate days, never both at the same time)
Wait 30 mins 

Some of these clogs will be too stuborn for treatment and will need to be extracted. You can extract some of them gently before beddtime and mousturise. If you do it gently enough they will heal by morning. Don't do them all at the same time or you will irritate your skin too much. You can invest in a facial with extractions if you know a good speciallist in your area. 

Sadly I dont have recommendations for a sunsncreen because they all seem to cause trouble for me , but it's vital that you find none if you use acids! Ill keep searching and I'll keep you posted. 


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