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You might be thinking "This guy is brand new to the forum but trying to give advice....what would he know" and you are right but I have been a long time reader. This site has given me hope in the sense of knowing that multiple people, no matter where they live have had the same problem I have been going through.

Acne .... even the name makes me frown and I would not wish it on anyone. My name doesn't matter but my story might. I've been going through Acne on and off from 18 mainly small raises bumps and recently white heads where once one dies their mates decide to join. A constant struggle where no matter how proactive you can be, the end result is always the same. Every morning it became a habit to run to the mirror and pray that my face is free. Temptation in stores like Boots/Body Shop or cures on Amazon labelled as "Miracle" by users provide a small glimmer of hope to latch onto. Trust me, tried soo many products  (for up to 3+ months) and discarded them due to it not suiting my skin

So, what's the point of this message? I tried Dermalogica products roughly late August last year [Oil Control Lotion, Skin Mattifier and Special Cleansing Gel] but still I would get whiteheads appearing although a bit more infrequently. Doctors, Dermatologists, Cosmetics... you name they would always say "Its one of those things" or something similar and recommend yet another product. Recently I found a regime which has worked for the past 3 months, clear skin! Although the road seems endless it is only a matter of time so I implore you to keep the hope burning strong :) 

I know it's tough, people might say "don't worry" but it is easier said than done. I just hope my message is a reminder to not lose hope. There are some people in the world who might not think before they speak. I've read on the forum people having terrible comments either at work or wherever..... which led me to share my story. Good luck with the journey, you are not alone.

Skin Type - Oily T zone, cheeks feeling tight but sometimes shin.
My Regime (found out it was dehydrated):

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel - Face wash
Dermalogica - Mattifier Gel
Dermalogica - Active Moist Moisturiser (wow... it makes my skin non shiny, thought it was a myth!)

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
Cetaphil - Moisturising Lotion - For the night
Duac - On top of lotion (Really works to kill bacteria)

Every other day I use Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser once at night
Once a week I use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Good luck.


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Dermalogica is the best. The Active Moist lotion is the only moisturizer I have ever actually liked. Also the cleansing gel is so nice, it feels like running silk over your face :smileys_n_people_11: Glad you found what works for you!

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