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Scars worsened w/ one year of needling and lasers

Hi, so in the last year I've had a fully ablative co2 laser twice and dermapen 7 times. However, it's been exactly one year and things appear worse(attaching photos). The scars on the lower left of my cheek have filled in the most but the rest of the cheek, where before I didn't really see scars now look like almost raised scars and just more scars in general. I don't even know what else to do. Has this happened to anyone? image.thumb.jpeg.9e42132998f883b3589e2b3
Before image.thumb.jpeg.aebe295603bc5107659493d

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I can relate to your situation. I had 3 Viva sessions a year and half ago. I have been doing TCA peels (30%) and Dermarolling (1.5mm)  alternating once a month. The rolling scars appear worse, the icepick better. I attribute the improvement mostly to the TCA.
My experience leads me to believe that as the collagen remodeling takes place, the scars appear flatter and somewhat larger. Think of the cliché: It get worse before it gets better. Hopefully over time and continued treatment the scars elevate and cast less of a shadow.
When I think of the treatment downtime and the slow changes (some good , some bad ) it seems futile.
From your photos, I agree with your analysis. I don't see any really deep scars, therefore I would continue another year of needling and suggest some peels before giving up.

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I see great improvement! But after two fully ablative co2 laser treatments, you really need to give your skin some time to rest now.

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2 hours ago, Heatherishopless said:

You guys make me feel a lot better! Thanks. I guess when you look at yourself everyday you don't see the improvements.

That's part of it :)

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