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6 months in its finally worked !

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I am happy to say that after months of posting on this forum frustrated that the regimen wasn't working and endless times wanting to quit as  I write this I don't have a single spot on my face.

I started the regimen in October 2015 and I would say the past two weeks started to notice I didn't have any new spots forming only one or two around my period.

i did not follow the regimen to a T and when my cleanser ran out for the second time I started using cetaphil I only use a pea sized amount of BP and have done throughout the 6 months and I only moisturise in the morning. I let my face dry on its own after washing and never use a towel to dry it.  I wore make up throughout my time on the regimen and I still do.  The  month or two my face was really dry so I tried to use less fondation and only concealer if I could however I don't experience any dryness at all now. 

I still have hyperpigmentation cos I would always pick my spots however I have noticed that even that is starting to fade. 

Before the regimen I tried numerous things from anti biotics gels natural medicine light therapy and cuttin diary from my diet nothing worked and my skin progressively got worse.

i kept up with the regimen and felt like giving up numerous times as sometimes my skin would look better and others even worse but this has finally worked for me!! Anyone will tell you that there is no quick fix for acne and doctors always reccomend 3-6 months. When you start treatments to see improvement.  My experience with the regimen did not match what it says on the website. 

anyone feeling like this. Isn't working keep it up as it will work in time

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That is awesome! I am very happy for you. I totally remember that feeling of not having a single spot on my face and you just kinda wanna celebrate but then are worried if it would come back.

But I totally agree that if you just find the time to keep up with the right regimen then it will work out. 

Congrats! :)

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Soon after I wrote this I did get one big spot on my chin that's just going now sighhh but I am due on my period so putting it down to that hopefully ! 

Torally ahree about bout being scared to celebrate and worried they will come back ! 

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Not everyone progresses at the same rate since everyone's acne and skin are different. The timeline for progress is just a guideline for what most people can expect...some will clear faster and many will clear slower. The key is to believe in the process and to not give up, and always keep your eye on the prize...clear skin!

Congrats on clear skin and best wishes for continued success!! :)

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