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Ok. So I have a cyst on my cheek. I've had it for awhile, and at first I tried to pop it, but I've stopped for months. Every once in awhile it will get really swollen, and get small pimples around it (I try not to touch anything). It will even bruise when it gets swollen. It gets very sensitive. After a few weeks or so, the bruising/swelling will go down, but it won't go away. I can still see and feel the cyst, and it will stay purple. I don't want to mess with it, but I can feel the dirty stuff under my skin, and I hate it. What can I do about this?! And has anyone had anything similar?! Please help me!!!

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You need to make an appointment with a dermatologist or doctor to get the cyst excised it seems. If you look up Dr. Sandra Lee (AKA Dr. Pimple Popper) on youtube, she does this all the time. You have to get the entire cyst sack out or it will keep returning and inflaming, which is usually something that can't be done at home! I would do that soon to prevent further damage or scarring. Best wishes!

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Ugh I figured. Thank you! Looks like it's time to get health insurance :/ I really appreciate the advice 

I shouldn't try and pop it should I?

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definitely dont try to pop it. might end up with a permanent hole in your face. you could try putting aztec indian  healing clay on it for 20 minutes everyday.

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