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Hey guys so this is like a Derma Emergency for me ! 
I myself am a final year med student , 24 years old. 2 weeks back I developed , what I thought was , a pimple on my right cheek.
Now knowing that stress could be a factor , I didn`t worry about it alot and I thought it`ll go on it`s own by the weekend. 
Since it didn`t , I started applying a mixture of an anti-bacterial ointment and a steroid ointment from the past 4 days , twice-thrice daily.
Now the problem ; It`s still not going even though it has went through a change of colour ( its dark red now ! ) . Its fluid filled on consistency. 
I think it`s nodular acne/cystic acne. The main problem is , I totally forgot that tomorrow , which is a saturday in my part of the world, I have a date with this girl who I have been crushing on for the last 1 year ! It`s the first one and I am so worried cause I need to shave and I can`t because of this ! Also it`s a big eyesore !

Can you guys please help me out ?! I need a miracle fix stat ! 
I am attaching a few pictures from right now , just in case. 

Also its like Friday afternoon right now over here . I have like exactly 24 hours !


image (24).jpeg

image (25).jpeg

image (26).jpeg

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I would ice it and use a spot treatment.


But just letting you know it doesn't look bad. But if it really bothers you and it doesn't go down by tomorrow, a bit of concealer will do the trick. You can have one of the attendants at a drugstore or makeup counter help you.

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