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Bumps filled with clear fluid lead to entire chin filling with clear fluid

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I get these bumps that never come to a head and are filled with clear fluid if i tty to squeeze them.  They hurt really bad and start off looking like they have a center but if i try to pop it clear fluid leaks out from several pores. The bump seems fo "empty" but will fill again in a few hours.  If I leave it alone it causes such pain that it's woken me up at night.  Normally, once the clear fluid leaks out it causes the skun over the bump to slough off and it becomes a small sore that scabs over and takes about a week to heal.  I get these around the start of my period each month even though I start washing with an acne wash and using acne pads on my chin about a week before my period shoukd start. 
This month something VERY wierd happened! In stead of 2-3 bumps I got one and it started out with a small white head which is why i felt extracting it would be ok.  I extracted the atea of the white head and fluid started to fill in behind it and there was actually a hole left where the white head had been.  I squeezed the bump a little and the fluid started coming out if all of my pores again.  I used the acne pads hooing they woukd dry the fluid out but nothing helped.  A few mornings later I woke up and my entire chin was a bump with an area about the size of a penny that was raw skin. If i squeezed my chin fluid came out all of the poors.  So I covered my chin with triple antibiotic ointment.  The clear fluid started draining out of my chin.  I could wipe off the ointment and it woukd be half fluid, then fluid would continue pooling up on my chin.  I would dab this off until it stopped coming out and then put more ointment on.  There were times with the ointment on that there would be a large drip of fluid that would collect at the bottom of my chin.  After about 5 days of keeping the ointment on my chin the bump that was my entire chin has gone down, but im left with an area of raw skin about the size of a silver dollar. 
I don't know if its better to let this raw skin dry up and scab over or to keep it moist with ointment? No dermatologist has ever been able to tell me what these bumps are and the urgent care doctor I saw when my entire chin was filled up with fluid had no idea what would cause it to happen.  
Has anyone else experienced these recurring bumps that start out as a sharp pain under the skin then swell up to a bump that never comes to a head that express clear fluid that comes out of several pores when the bump is squeezed?? As anyone had one of those bumps get either really large or taking over their whole chin? Does anyone have a name for them or anything that works to clear them up with out squeezing them until they are empty and stop filling up again (basically leaving a sore, or a scab)? I never delt with these in my youth but started getting them in my 30's, in fact my skin was very clear in my youth actually rarely ever dealing with black heads or pimples. 

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I started getting these in my 50s, but not as large as you described. Mine start as a small painful hard lump under the skin, then come to the surface fast. The pimple and redness is finite, small size about 1/8". There is no head or pus inside, only a clear liquid that drains if I either lance with a needle or, if left alone, seems to leak out of several pores.  I only get them on the skin on both sides of my mouth to just under the chin, I don't mean touching lips like a cold sore. (If I were a guy, this is the area where a fu man chou moustache would be.)  The bumps get red when they come to the surface, then scab over and take at least a week to heal, but the pimple redness remains. I seem to get several in a row but I can go several months without having any. 

I have researched these for a long time and can't find what they are online. Mine are NOT acne rosacea or seborrheic eczema or carbuncles or 'regular' pimples.

Here's what I associate mine with:  
-I'm not completely gluten-free, but have decreased it greatly. If I eat a lot of gluten, as I did the last week on a camping trip, that seems to cause a break-out.
-When I stop drinking 8+ glasses of water a day (blaming it on the camping trip again.)
-Although I'm in menopause, I still get monthly pains like I did when ovulating. Almost always these break-outs happen at same time, making me think they're hormone-related.

On another message board, people reported good results using a cream with sulfur in it.

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It is absolutely most certainly NOT impetigo. These bumps are described as having clear fluid. Impetigo bumps have yellowish fluid. Here's my thoughts... I have searched the internet far and wide for answers for awhile now. I think they are very deep deep pimples that trigger a blister reflex. With no where to fill, this fluid leaks and leaks, 

Try using an Rx topical ointment called clindamycin, which is an antibiotic and antiimflamitory. Works wonders, cuts the healing time in half if not more. 

best of luck! Make sure to sanitize your face and hands before squeezing! 

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