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Moisturizer for acne prone skin

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So I have had acne for a few years now, nothing has really worked too well. I am currently on 100mg of doryx (which helps my cystic acne but not really anything else). Usually my skin gets really bad in dry climates, so mostly during the winter. Although if I go somewhere warm, or during the summer, I can pretty much not do anything to my skin and it will substantially improve. However during the rest of the year my skin gets really bad. Lately I have been trying moisturizer which helps a lot, more than anything else has. I have been using the old formula neutrogena oil free lotion because I had some I bought a while ago. However, I have been reading that they changed their formula and it does not work the same anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations of a substitute or possibly any other methods of moisturizing the skin that helped get rid of your acne. Thanks I appreciate it a lot.

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I use cetaphil oil control moisturizer with 30 SPF, my dermatologist recommended CeraVE moisturizer, she said it has good ingredients in it for renewing skin but my cetaphil was 14$ so i'm not throwing it away for an 11$ bottle. No problems for me using it but not sure it helps any since my face already get's oily.. 

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Hi there!So look i have acne(cystic) for basically half a year now..i dont really know if i can call it acne or just an infection since it affects just one of my cheeks and based on the ammount of picking i have done i am really lucky to get away just with a few dark spots..I must say i have not heard of the medicine your doctor has prescribed but i am currently on isotretinoin.The basic sideffect is dry skin so my dermatologist herself gave me some sample  moisturizers the labels of  which i found are used and recomended by almost all proffesionals if not all..so these are the la-roche posay and avene..all products from these 2 companies are great ..specifically toleriane soothing protective non oily lotion and avene cicalfate restorative skin cream for moisturizing..hope i ve been helpful.

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