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Hi, Yesterday I noticed two pimples had come up on my face right on my top lip line, about a half inch apart. Today I woke up and noticed about 8 pimples had came up, all along the edge of my top lip with one pimple along the edge of my bottom lip. Could anyone tell me what this is, why they are there, and a treatment? The pimples are red and don't appear to have any heads. They only slightly hurt when I touch them. I just really want some feedback. Anything helps,

Also, I recently had a bad sunburn. To combat the sunburn, I applied a mixture of vanicream and hydrocortisone onto my face and lips. I recently stopped using the hydrocortisone, but am still using the vanicream all over my face. Could this be contributing?


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Hi, I get bumps like this on my lip too. I was wondering if you ever figured out what it is ? Is it acne ? Or cold sores ? 

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I got around 5 of them a week ago that appeared out of the blue. My dermatologist could not identify them but prescribed Fucidin, which is not working after 5 days of application. I suspect the source is the dirty trimming machine Of my hairdresser . your post  is like 4 years old have you found out what it was? And how did get rid of them?

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