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Scars/red marks which are they? - post accutane what next? *pics*

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Hi so have just finished a 6 month course of roaccutane which has worked amazingly. After 8 years of on/off acne which was sometimes severe, I haven't had a spot in 4/5 months and my skin is lovely. 

However I have are a lot of red marks and I think some scarring but I am not sure if they are scars and if so what type of scars they are, also how best to treat them. I'm 25 and working so money not a huge issue of it will work. 

The last two pictures are with make up, you can only see the scars in certain lights. 

Any help would be very appreciated! 









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The photos are a little blurry (it's hard to get good photos, I've tried and I know the frustration) If you run your finger down your skin and it's smooth, it's a good sign it's most likely acne marks, but if it feels like there are little craters or indents in your skin, those are acne scars. 

I found a web link with an article attached, but just look at the photograph where they label the differences between marks and scars: http://www.skinacea.com/faq/acne/a09-acne-scars-vs-marks.html#.VuCtn5wrKhc

Let me know if I can help you with anything else! I'm currently on the last stretch to getting rid of some horrible hyperpigmentation (acne marks) myself!
Have a great day! :) 

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