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Orange-y/tan skin after using BP

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to these forums, so I hope I'm posting in the right sub (if not, please correct me). I went to my doctor 2 weeks ago and he gave me BP gel to try for a month. The package doesn't state the dosage in %, but it's 50mg/g. 

I'm now at the start of the third week, and my chin (the only place I use it) has turned tan. It's almost a shade of orange. I have very fair skin, so in my opinion this is very noticable. I'm only applying the BP once a day because my skin can't handle it if I apply it any more than that - right now I'm using about 1/3rd a finger in the evenings (I've had to wash it off before it was still burning after 2 hours). My skin is also very dry, to the point where it sometimes hurt to apply moisturizer. My chin still doesn't look much better compared to before I started this treatment.

In conclusion, I'm not (yet) seeing any changes and the skin on my chin looks so weird. I know it's fruitless but I can't stop thinking about it, and I just want to cry. Does anyone else have this experience? Is it actually discolorization or maybe just dead/dry skin? Any kind/encouraging words would be majorly appreciated! If you need any more details, please ask.

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Thank you for your replies! That helps a little bit. The product is literally called "Benzoyl peroxide 50mg/g hydrogel Samenwerkende Apothekers," which is Dutch so I'm not sure how useful that info is. 

Is it supposed to just fade after a while or only when I stop using BP?

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