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Accutane clearing acne so quickly

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Little bit about me: I'm 20, have had moderate to severe acne from the age of 14. This has severely impacted my social, school and work life as I have isolated myself completely from life altogether during my worst breakouts. Sometimes this has lasted up to a month. I have been put on accutane once before for 2 months, cleared acne but it returned with vengeance about 2 years later. Have been re prescribed accutane at 10mg every couple of days to keep acne at bay because the derm believes it's not bad enough for a full course.

I didn't Beleive this would do anything at all and want to hit it in the head so I have been taking 40mg a day to 60mg on bad days. It has been two weeks now and my acne has already gone through the ib and back again. It is clearing up significantly and I believe this is due to the high dosage. Is this possible or am I just being a hopeful idiot?

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Its the accutane. I was clearly up a lot just in the first couple weeks. I would fight to get a full coarse, taking small amounts like that wont do much good in the long run.

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40-60mg a day? Probably it was the cause for clearing up so quickly but it's not suitable for a long term. Try to slowly decrease. I know it's frustrating but don't forget that Accutane is a prescribed medication with side effects. Believe me, I used to do the same thing when I was bad and feeling terrible and it always came back as quickly as it had cleared.
When I went on a long term, steady dosage, it took a while but it cleared all my cystic acne completely in a couple of months. Now I'm with a low dosage just in case (it's my 3rd course so my derm is afraid of the comeback) and I've never been better. It worth the wait.

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