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Mild cystic acne with differin?

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My cheeks are completely flawless, not even a blackhead has formed on my cheeks. But in the t-zone I have acne. I have a above average amount of blackheads but still not that many, I have 0 to maybe 1-2 whiteheads which is normal for any person my age who even has clear skin, I don't really get any pustules or papules but the part of my acne that makes it the most noticeable are these deep massive painful acne that formed deep in my skin, when you pinch the sides of them beneath the skin the inflammation/tender area under the skin is a quarter of a inch long.  60-70% of these are on my chin and the rest are usually on my  lower forehead. I cant remember a time in the last 4 months where I didn't at least have 1 of these on my chin. Recently the breakouts have been getting alot worse as I usually only have 1 or 2 on my face but now I have like 3-5 (Because of IB). I'm only on differin 0.3 right now but I have recently heard you need acutane for even mild cystic acne. The big bumps are really the worse part of  my skin because they are so noticeable. If you were to remove the 2-3 big pimples from my face my skin would look like it has extremely mild acne to almost clear. Can you stop cystic acne with just differin????

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Differin will definitely help severe, and mild acne. No accutane is not necessarily appropriate for mild acne. It would work but it's expensive and complicated. 
Pressing or pinching any acne lesion will cause redness and swelling and increase the chances of scarring.  Don't ever do it. 
You should try  adding benzoyl peroxide cream or wash to your routine once you've gotten used to the differin
Folow the instructions on the products  carefully and stay consistent 
Good luck 

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