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Sulfur for hormonal acne

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I am in my mid 40s and have always suffered from acne. In the past years my acne is mainly on my chin. I mainly get it a week before my period and day or two into period. They are usually alittle painful. Sometimes i get white heads, sometimes I can just feel the deep bump forming under my skin, like a volcano. I find it that sulfur helps clear them pretty effectively and fast (De La Cruz Sulfur Cream and Sulfur Spot treatment). It dries them up. Nothing else helped, other OTC treatments caused me to break (like Murad). I use Bare Minerals Blemish Foundation which seems pretty good for my skin. I think that Tea Tree Oil is also good for my skin but doesn't work as fast as Sulfur. 

I eat a pretty clean diet (grain and sugar free) so i know it isn't diet related. Does anyone have success in keeping clear skin and not getting this hormonal acne any more? 

I don't like using lots of products, like to keep it simple and natural. Any ideas/advice? I just want to clean my face (need to remove makeup), put a night cream and then powder for the day. 

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Hey Can you tell me if you had a purging from using this prodcut??? im using it now for hormonal acne and its making it worse (been using for one week) will this go away? I posted pictures on my last post about it ill post them again here :( 


acne 1.jpg

acne 2.jpg

acne 3.jpg

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