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How my life is changing after acne

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I was a really handsome guy before I has acne, my acne is cyst acne and presently up to 70 of them on my face, I hate my life presently since after my breakouts I've been hiding away from my girlfriend , I think she will freak out if she sees my shity face, although she loves me no matter how, but I couldn't go to collage for 3 days because of how disgusting I know I look, when ever I look @ the mirror I just ask God why? We hy me, every one in my class and friends have smooth fresh skin, so imagine how awkward it feels when ever I enter the class , everyone starts staring , alylthough my class mates n friends have respect for me, they don't say Anything , they don't even make comments on my face, but their body language  speaks a lot, thryl be like, what the f***ck happened to this guy, he was so handsome b4 n now he is like  beast, really I'm fucked, I hate my shityy face, why me? Why me? I feel like crawling into a whole and die... Why do acne happen anything worst than acne? Cuz that shit cant be hidden. My self esteem has gone out of d window real quick, I don't know how to cope with going out to collage, it's gonna be one hell of a painful experience, hmmn! Kill me pls

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5 hours ago, jensweetone said:

I completely understand. It's ridiculously painful emotionally and physically. You CAN get through this. We are so much more than our skin. Hang in there my friend. 

thanx jensweetone i hope i can get through this and be clear again. 
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