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low dosing accutane for very oily skin

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i have very oily skin to the point where after just 20 minutes of washing my face, beads of oil start forming on my nose. then an hour after that i'm shining all over.
anyway i've been doing a lot of research and low dose accutane for oily skin keeps on coming up as the only remedy for men (anti-androgens for women). low dose as in 20 mg of total accutane per week. has any of you tried this? has any of you tried getting facials and peels while on low dose accutane? also can i still put on topical treatments (retin a and benzoyl peroxide) while im low dosing accutane? 
i plan on consulting my dermatologist about this but i just need feedback from you guys first if this is worth pursuing. thanks!

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hi there - i am doing the 20mg per day of accutane for my oily skin. I am finishing my 2nd week - so i cant give you a good position from where i am right now. I did notice that the oil has decreased and some of my blackheads are slowing going way. I am a male, 33 years old - i too have oily skin. The 20mg per day is a lower dosage, but be aware that your doc might keep you on the meds for a longer period of time - instead of 5 month, on a regular treatment , he or she might push it to 7 months.
I am not sure about using harsh topical meds while on accutane because your skin will be very sensitive. People do it sometimes thou.
I hope this helps.

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I am doing 40mg/day. I feel like 20-40 is enough if you just want to reduce oily skin. Well, with accutane your skin is going to be dry, so I would not recommend using things like BP and peels. Apparently accutane is supposed to accelerate skin shedding, but I dont know. Try a mild peel if you really want to do it, though. 

The side effects of accutane are pretty bad as you may have read. I myself am pretty resistant to the side effects (only dry skin, lips). 

There are also some new drugs being tested at the moment that is supposed to inhibit sebum production.

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Take 20mg accutane for a month atleast.. It Will help u to get rid of oily skin and pimples. Buy some good lip balm and dry skin creams before you start accutane ... Coz ur skin and lips are gonna be too dry.. My lips used to break so badly, that I couldn't take accutane for more than a month, and there are some sideeffects on the brain. But its worth the effort..

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I suffer from oily skin too. I was on 4 courses of accutane, but the last time I started with only 40mg (I am a 80kg male), and gradually lowered my dose to 20mg a week. It worked perfectly, the side effects were minimal, and I was using 10% BP also. I was acne free, but after I stopped I got super oily, I guess because I wrecked my skin (I am oily only where I used the BP).

My advice is to take the low dose, but do not put any topical on your skin that messes with your sebaceous glands, it is enough for them to get limited from inside. This way you can have a chance to have some less functional healthy glands after finishing the course, instead of crazy overproducing burnt ones like mine. I am experimenting with pure green tea extract, because that is the only thing, that has sebum supressing effect, backed up by science. We'll see.

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I did a low dose accutane regimen (10mg per week) for 3 years. It completely took care of my very oily skin. I loved it- went off it because I may want to have a baby somewhat soon and it did make my preexisting dry eye condition worse. I miss it.

Also dermatolgists often have never heard of low dose for long term- bring some clinical research studies with you

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Accutane has no long term effects for oily skin. If you take it too control of oil you will have to take to forever, which you wouldn't want too. For me even 40mg a week doesn't for my oil. I guess maybe if you took it everyday 5mg or so....but even then you stop and bang! It comes back 

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