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Alright, so i started my 30mg zenatane treatment about three weeks ago. not even a week in i started feeling the side effects, but as of now i havent felt the side effects as much, does that mean it doesnt work?

also, does anyone have any suggestions on a face wash that wont make my face as red? My derm suggested the new neutrogena hydrating creamy formula, which wasnt as irritating as my previous wash (proactiv plus)

I hope no one finds this annoying, im just on my last leg of hope regarding an improvement in my acne.

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I just started Zenatane yesterday!  I've literally taken 2 pills and already my lips and face are drying up a lot.  As for the face wash, definitely don't use proactive or anything with acne-treating acids in it.  The Zenatane is the only acne fighter you need right now!  It makes your skin so dry and fragile that using topical products on it will only make your skin much worse.  For a face wash, I use CeraVe foaming cleanser.  I actually use the one for oily skin because it cleans my face much better.  It doesn't dry my face out either.  Just be sure to always use lots of lotion and oils (I've heard jojoba oil is excellent but I haven't tried it yet) on your face after you wash it and your redness should really improve!

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Washing your face too much can definitely make your face red on Accutane because your skin is so fragile.  It's recommended to wash your face morning and night :)  And of course there is a chance your particular skin may be especially sensitive to certain washes, but unfortunately that's kind of trial and error.  CeraVe and Cetaphil are known for being very gentle even on sensitive skin.  Hope this helps!

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