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Diary of Dianette Oral Prescription

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So I thought I'd start this Dianette journey with you guys!

A little background. I've had moderate to severe acne throughout my teens, starting from when I was around 14. I am now 18 and have been on several topical treatments and antibiotics. I have a history of eczema which was almost completely eliminated due to using steroids on my face. Now it's only on the back of the bottom my head, but as a result of using the steroids, my skin has inevitably become very sensitive and thin. 

When I went to the GP they first gave me Duac, and I was initially really hopeful and carried on despite having really sensitive and thinned skin. The Duac made my skin go red and peel and although I've read that this would go away, it didn't and I ended up going back to the GP. 

This time they put me on Epiduo. Same effect - peeling of skin even after using it for 1-2 months and couldn't stand it anymore.

The GP now gives me Tetralysal which I took for 6 months. This worked amazingly for me until I came off it. My skin was clear for a few months after and then I started breaking out just as soon as exams started and I began to get stressed! The doctors decided to put me on Tetralysal again and the same thing happened.
I was on Tetralysal three times before I eventually became immune to it and it was no longer doing me any good. My GP proceeded to then prescribe me a 2 month dosage of Erthyromycin. After 2 days, I suffered from extreme chest pain that woke me up in the middle of the night and stopped taking it.

I went back to the GP (again!) and asked if I could be put on the contraceptive pill, as I've heard it's worked wonders for other people. She gave me a 3 month prescription of Dianette, of which I am now on the end of the 2 week.

1st Week Update: Started to use Dianette in conjunction with Neutrogena Acne Free Face Wash. Was pleased with the results as it seemed my spots were getting less inflamed and there was less redness. I noticed no difference or change in my health apart from the fact I can't sleep at night and have been experiencing insomnia since starting this pill - I dont know if this is to do with the pill or not though!

2nd Week Update: It is now the end of the second week, and I've broken out like crazy all over my face, especially my forehead which I never usually get spots on. the spots on my cheek aren't too bad but I can see a couple about to break out. I've heard Dianette has an initial breakout stage and that this clears up by the end of the pack 1 month pack... Hopefully this is true! I've stopped using the Neutrogena face wash and have gone back to my normal Clarins routine to not aggravate my face anymore. I want to see the effects of Dianette without using anything else on my face! 

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Hi there, I started dianette just this month too. 

I've been on it before for about a year and my skin was flawless. I came off it around September 2015 and my skin stayed fine. A few hormonal spots around periods but that's normal for me anyway.

During January 2016 I started to get a few bigger spots on my chin and I was noticing that they were sticking around for about three weeks at a time and they were just so ugly. I had about 5 so I decided to go see my doctor again as I'm doing a tough university course at the minute and just don't need the extra stress of being spotty. He didn't think my skin was too bad but he agreed to put me on dianette for another 6 months. I was so happy! 

Ive been taking it for 12 days so far and my skin has gotten so so so much worse! I nearly regret going on it. I feel terrible about myself. :( I'm really hoping that it's just an initial break out and it will stop soon. 

Im just wondering how your skin is now? I'm hoping that mine will calm down soon. It's so depressing. I've been taking pictures every other day and it is quite clearly getting worse. 

Look forward to hearing from you :) xx

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