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What is working for my daughter

Hi. I just needed to share what, so far, has been working like a dream for my 20 year old daughter. She had beautiful skin up until a few years ago (age 17/18). It was progressively getting worse and cystic as well. She is very fair complexion and it was leaving red marks. She has tried everything from prescriptions to all the topicals.  Nothing worked, and some even left her with discoloration. Her skin is extremely sensitive (she can't even have her eyebrows threaded or she will break out in a rash). We finally decided to just stop all the chemicals, go the natural approach. I found, via a long night of internet searching, a product that sounded like it would be worth a try. "Dr. Woods Naturals Black Soap Facial Cleanser" along with "Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner".  In the morning, she opens her pores with warm water, then uses her hands to wash her face with the cleanser, then rinses with cold water and finishes with the toner. She will use the toner whenever she feels her skin getting oily.  At night, she uses the same method but uses a soft, clean washcloth to wash with to make sure she gets all her makeup off. After using the toner, she puts a thin layer of the facial wash all over her problem areas (t-zone) where cystic acne would usually be. She leaves it on all night. She was just putting a dot of the cleanser on a zit that would pop up and it would be pretty much flat and almost completely gone by morning (something that has never happened with any other product she has tried). When we realized it wasn't irritating her skin to leave it on, she started to use it all over her face at night to prevent any future breakouts..and HER SKIN IS CLEAR!! It's been about 3 weeks now and NO BREAKOUTS! She actually went out with her friends today with only mascara on...no other make up! She hasn't been able to do that since high school! 

We also make sure to wash her bedding at least twice a week (especially pillow cases) and she uses a clean washcloth every day and she has her own towel she uses to blot dry her face.  After seeing her suffer and her self confidence sink with her acne, I had to let others know what we have found that is natural, gentle, inexpensive and most importantly WORKING!  I sure hope it can work for others too. 



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Thanks for sharing. I had a look online at the ingredients in that wash. I wonder if it is the tea tree oil that is helping? I use a tree oil gel on my pimples which i do think heals them faster.

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I'm sure it's part of what is helping, but she has tried to use tea tree oil as an alone treatment (spot treatment and toner) and it was too harsh and didn't help much. Just to add, today was another blemish free day! So far, so good :)

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