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helpless about pregnancy acne

hi, does anyone here, mommies out there experienced pregnancy acne? mine is so bad i dont know what to do about it, i just give up, since almost a week now i stopped the antibiotic and cream prescribed to me by the dermatologist. at 1st i thought i was breaking out because im new here in the city, so humid and cold, i came/well at least stayed in a very hot zero humidity country for the past 6years, i used to have acne since i was highschool, then college, i was able to manage it with clindamycin topical solution that time, then i stopped because i was pregnant the first time, i had flare ups while pregnant back then but not like what im experiencing now, then before i deliver my 1st child, i noticed the acne is getting better and after delivery it continues to disappear til i noticed there is no more acne, also i was taking birth control pills that time, but then i left my country to work abroad, so the birth control pills stopped because its not needed my husband was not with me, then acne came back, but clindamycin is otc in riyadh so its very easy to have it so i was able to manage acne once more. then i came here in france, clindamycin is not otc, i went to the derm and insist to give me clindamycin prescription but she said if im planning to have a baby (pregnancy not confirmed yet that visit) she can only give me erythromycin topical solution with avene cleanance expert. the biggest problem that visit was the language barrier, i went there alone, i cant speak french, and the dr has very little english, so i end up having erythomycin prescription. i gave it a try, for 3 months, at first month it was getting better then 2nd month i noticed more black/whiteheads then the 3rd month those black/whiteheads mostly on my jaw ripens, almost all at the same time, one pustule after another. i dont know whats happening but i suspect that erythromycin solution is not good for me, the black/whiteheads are bigger and deeper than before i started using that so i stopped. dont know what to do anymore. still waiting for a miracle.  

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i might not be that helpful because my situation was the opposite; acne up until my pregnancy and then perfectly clear skin while pregnant, then REALLY bad skin afterwards. but there are foods you can eat that will help balance your hormones naturally. if you ate a large carrot every day, a week later you would probably start noticing a difference http://empoweredsustenance.com/balance-hormones/  also cauliflower, broccoli, kale, quinoa, and almonds will help too. ever since my pregnancy ive been struggling with a really bad blackhead problem and just started clearing it up a week ago with this stuff called Mychelle white cranberry cleanser, the stuff is amazing. ive literally tried a hundred different cleansers and lotions over the last few years and realize now the gentler the better. im also using a moisturizer called Avene cleanance expert meant for blackheads and added flax seed oil into my diet for omegas so those might be helping a bit too. but the cleanser seems to instantly dissolve blackheads and acne. they are discontinuing it so time with it is short, go figure. but you can still order it for a while.
congrats on your pregnancy! it will get better :comfort:

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