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Every pore filled with fragrant white crap. I need a remedy!!

Ok guys, i'm a 25 y.o female I have been searching and searching and nobody has a situation quite like mine, thus I had to start a topic on this because I'm sick of living in this vicious cycle. Ok so genetically I have NOT been blessed, I have huge pores and thus being oily and just gross. Ok so here's the deal, every single pore on my face is stuffed with disgusting cheesy smell, but I don't** have acne, This problem has bothered me for years considering every girl i knew never had skin like mine, you can't see their pores but you can for surely see every single one of mine. Also I'm a picker and for awhile I just kept popping every one that I would see and then it would just look worse but I couldn't stand seeing my face in certain shades/angles knowing there's all these disgusting small white bumps literally all over my face, more so on my chin and cheeks. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I have tried lasers, I have tried the cheapest, mid grade, to most expensive Hungarian organic skin care regimen that was like formulated for my skin and NOTHING has worked. I've tried multi vitamins that help with skin, nothing. I buy the best foundation for when I do wear it, I've also reduced my make up application by like 80% and noooooo difference. For the last 3 months I went from drinking no water ever to drinking 8 glasses, nothing. My diet is like 80% vegetarian, although I do love cheese...maybe that's why my pores smell cheesy?? Anyways yeah, not even WATER changed my skin. I'm at a loss, I feel no product in the world will be able to change the chemistry of my skin, because I feel I need something deeper than skin deep, I don't want to be recommended a product because I know that's not the answer, I've spent so much money, thousands, on top of the line stuff and it just doesn't work. I would consider home remedies because that wouldn't require me spending money. And remember I said I was a picker, well I stopped my compulsion to see if my skin would actually clear up and honestly, that didn't work either, it would actually get worse and more pores would fill with this white crap and eventually pimples would from not emptying the white crap then I had a whole NEW problem on my hands, I'd pop the pimple and then I'd have a scar and that's how the cycle went. I feel like I need to take some sort of medication or some other form of laser that I haven't tried yet. I'm NOT open to taking Accutane because I don't have acne, and I'm in the sun a lot and I'm not willing to change that. Can anyone in this world give me some insight on this problem.  Just to give you some product information this is what I use for products. 1)Face wash - Jack Black's Volcanic Ash W/ Salicylic Acid, 2) Moisturizer - Clinique Moisture Surge 3) Face Mask - Immence Organic Hungarian Skin Care Line - Phyto Mask (Hot), I only use this mask occasionally when I have inflammation or scars from attacking my face, because it does do a pretty good job of eliminating inflammation and increased recovery.  My foundations, I used a mix of Nars Luminous and Mac BB Cream. But remember I only wear make up a few days a week.

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