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acne hyperpigmentation asian skin

Hi, got a terrible break outs last november,  most are now dried out but it leaves lot of marks on my face (i cannot hide it since my dermatologist told me not to used any creams like bb cream, concealer, etc, i can only used powders) . i would like to know if this hyperpigmentation will fade slower on an asian skin.

any product recommendation? besides the sunblock gel ,im currently using rexsol, before i used bioderma but it seems to be not working that much.

below are the photos:

thank you.




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Well I use the clear future acne range plus the genius nightly exfoliating pads by Arbonne and they have done me loads of justice (by the way I'm off black Arabian mixed skin tone) 


i can can send you some more in depth info on the products if you were ever interested 

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I have half asian (half white skin) and I wish I realized or read sooner (like during junior year of high when I got and had the worst cystic acne of my entire life!) about how this skin type is especially prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation...

Le sigh - can't change the past, but can get scar revision surgeries! :cool:

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Hyperpigmentation goes away, but it's extremely annoying. -_- I've suffered it for so long and this is what has helped me (especially if I stick with the routine) I'm Asian too with naturally fair skin, and what has helped me so far with red spots is Vitamin C serum, specifically this product: http://www.amazon.com/Avalon-Organics-45380-Vitamin-Vitality/dp/B000YG82HI

Along with that, I then apply facial cream. I find that the ones in the Korean market really help because they tend to concentrate more on "whitening" your skin. By "whitening", they mean evening out your skin tone, not literally bleaching your skin. You can research some more depending on your skin type, like oily, dry, combo, etc. A great skin care routine is to cleanse, tone (I tone after I work out or after a day of wearing makeup, not in the morning), apply any acne medication, and then moisturize (serum and then regular facial cream). On weekends, I exfoliate with a peel-off mask, or a clay-mask, and then I apply on a face mask (Korean ones or Japanese ones are cheap in the bulk and they work very well). Because I have been doing this strictly for a while, (this is basically the Acne regimen but with some my super Asian twists), I haven't had the need to apply any acne medication except for the small pimples I get before my period.

As for BB Creams, I don't have problems using it. The one I use, Skin79 BB Cream (in the pink packaging), has never  broken me out. Again, Asian BB Creams go for the "whitening" effect, so I highly doubt they would want to make your acne even worse, right? :rolleyes: And you're right, use SPF. If you're using products that contain retinol, definitely use SPF. I use Neutrogena's sunscreen that goes under my makeup. It has 70+ SPF. 

Finally, what I noticed is also helping my hyperpigmentation is Likas Papaya Soap. If you live near Seafood City or any other Filipino supermarket, they should have it. It costs roughly ~$4 per bar. It's a pretty strong and drying exfoliating soap so definitely try it out. Filipinos use it to lighten their skin complexion due to the beauty standards in Asia. 

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