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Easy and Effective Acne Regimen


I struggled with acne for years and wanted to post about my daily regimen that has been extremely effective for over 4 years. I tried everything from prescriptions, eating certain foods, using a variety of face washes, sleeping at certain angles on the pillow, and drinking lemon juice! Here is what works for me.

* I am a 25 year old Male who struggled with acne since 17 *

1.) Avoid foods high in sugar

    - Cookies, cakes, chocolate, ice cream etc. should not be eaten until your skin really clears up. My theory is that high sugary foods are not natural (highly processed) and your body reacts to them by causing your skin to get oily thus breaking you out. Everybody has heard "chocolate makes me break out" and I strongly believe there is truth to that.

2.) Take a basic OTC fish oil pill in AM and PM 

   - I started taking these 4 years ago and saw a instant (2 day) improvement in my skin complexion. My skin looked healthy and fresh. SAD (American Diet) is full of Omega 6's and lacking Omega 3's (Fish and other veggies). You body is happy when there is a balance of both of these so the Fish Oil pills help the body to balance out. You can read about how a high diet in Omega 6's that lacks Omega 3's can cause cancer and I also believe that it can lead to poor skin complexion. 

The Daily AM Prep

A.) Wash Face with a basic Wash (I use Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser)

   - Nothing crazy. Wash for 60 seconds. Lots of expensive stuff out there. I don't think it makes that big of a difference. Get the oil and dirt off. Plain and simple

B.) Put on face lotion after washing 

   - I use Every Man Jack Signature Mint (Black bottle with the blue print). Get at Target for 6 bucks. This is important! Your face wants to be rejuvenated after washing and stripping away it's natural oil. YOU MUST PUT A FACE LOTION ON AFTER EVERY WASH. This will prevent dryness and keep skin healthy. The type of lotion matters. Make sure it is some type of face lotion (body lotion will break you out). After Trial and Error I have found Every Man Jack to work the best for me. Don't be naive: If you break out really bad after a couple days of using a new lotion then stop using it (I used Cetaphil lotion and it was terrible for my face). I had this theory for years that putting lotion on my face broke me out, but this was the completely false. I avoided putting anything on my face for years, and it lead to terrible results. Moisturize 2x per day and reap the rewards.  

The Daily PM Prep

A.) Wash Face with a basic Wash (I use Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser)

B.) Shower . . . I don't do any cleaning to my face when I shower

C.) Dry face with a different towel then I dry my body with

   - I have a face towel that I only use to dry my face with when I get out of the shower. My theory: When you dry the body off with a body towel then those oils stay on that towel, and get on your face if you use the same towel (This step is not crucially important but it is a technique I use).

D.) Apply OTC Rugby 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel to Face and top of neck 

   - THIS IS THE MAGIC STEP FOR ME! This cream has absolutely changed my complexion going on 4 years and counting. Apply a thin layer to face. Rub it in like normal. You can buy this cream on Amazon for 5 bucks a bottle (3 packs are available as well). It is a yellow bottle with green print (no prescription!) This will reduce the size and color of current pimples, and also clean out pores to prevent new zits from coming. I only use it at night b/c I have heard that it does not mix well with sun, and if I use it 2x per day then my face gets too dry. It will cause some dryness even using 1x per day, but using lotion should prevent any serious dryness. Also, you can use every other day if dryness is a serious problem. I SWEAR BY THIS STEP! I have seen it work for other people as well! Put this cream on!

E.) Put on face lotion after Rugby Cream

   - Let the Rugby cream completely dry before applying lotion



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