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Hi everyone,

Basically I am starting to stress out about my acne, I am 15 going on to 16 and my acne started when I was around 13 years old when it wasn't that much of a big deal. As time went on I have picked and popped any zits or spots I had then it started to get worse and my confidence started to drop. I soon started to use all different remedies and chemicals on my skin hoping for the best I tried everything. So after deciding that's it I came across this website last year and saw something about the caveman regimen . So I gave it ago it was working for time as I started to get dry skin and that is expected. But I soon gave up on day like 5 as I didn't see any major changes, and now I basically want to know I guess is caveman the best way to keep the acne away for me and if not please can someone tell me what is.

Thank you 

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Personally I'm not learned about the caveman diet but I would as a nutritionist say that there's no need to eliminate anything from your diet that carries nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Do not give up beneficial stuff in order to fix one thing and just to be deprived in another area. I would personally suggest just eating right I can try and provide as much guidance as I an with my nutritional knowledge and at the same time I can suggest a good skincare treatment which I use that's been effective and is botanical safe and pure 

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