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Starting tane group (update-8mnths off)

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Just wondering who may still be floating around and if they want to post to update since most of us have been off 7-8ish months now?


Im doing OK

Skin is still supppppper sensitive, and I cant really use anything active

My face now that the weather finally changed and is cooler/forced heat is often dry and red (not flaky)


My nose is super oily but the rest of my face is pretty dry

I get little blips quit often (several a week, go away within 1-3 days)


I got my first HUGE breakout in over a year at least after a night of drinking and eating around the holidays.

But thankfully it didnt get worse and was gone within about 3 days


Just wondering how everyone is doing..what they are using? anyone considering a second round of tane, bcp, or spiro?


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I finished about five months ago. My skin remained dry/normal, not oily, but my acne slowly started to return(minimal face acne, but the onset of a lot of back/neck acne). It was becoming upsetting so I started another low dosage course of 20mg a day about two weeks ago. I will only be on it for three months as I move country and wont have access to my derm, but hopefully this willl be enough to just kick it in the butt.


side effects wise I had none when I was on the course and still have none :)

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