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Expected downtime from CIT (or CIT + PRP)?

Hi peeps.  I have an appt this week with a surgeon in the Boston MA area for acne scar revision surgery.  Specifically, the office offers CIT (microneedling) and mat offer the PRP as well.  I think they also do subcision and laser techniques when needed as well.  Anyway, my concern is about any potential downtime from the CIT which I will be most likely getting after the initial consult.  Is there any and how much?  


The reason I am asking is because I am starting a new job on 2nd shift and therefore can easily schedule appts during the day.  However, I am not sure I will be able to take a full day off from work so soon...   Thus I need to be able to drive to Boston, get the procedure done, and drive back home to get to work by 4pm.

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I got the procedure done yesterday.  It was collagen induction therapy (microneedling) with a growth factor (GF) serum applied to the skin area to be needled.  We had a good consult beforehand about expected results, pricing, procedures options, etc.  The part that hurt the most was when the aesthetician did the initial test on my right temple... I did have a numbing cream that was applied for 30 mins and that took away probably 95% of the pain.  The only other painful parts were some of the depth settings on my cheeks were the full 2mm !!  But she would do an area and then give me a small break and we'd talk about stuff a bit then continue, so I got through the process.   I def was red like I over-tanned my face or got a bad sunburn while wearing shades over my eyes hehehe.  She then gave me some soothing serums and AHA moisturizer to use over the next few days.

We also took a lot of initial pictures from about 6 different angles and she did say she would inquire about subcision and fillers(temporary rather than permanent is what they offer since there is more risk with permanent ones if you need to get them removed, etc.) with the Dr. if I need them in the future.  I have 2 more appts that I will be going to a minimum of 6 weeks from now.  I am already glad that most of the major redness from yesterday is gone today so that when I got to work this afternoon most people probably wouldn't notice.  For those that do, I won't be ashamed to tell them about how I'm pursuing these medical techniques to reduce my scarring. 

It makes me uncomfortable that my scarring makes other people uncomfortable!  People, you should be afraid of me! :cool:


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