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Regimen Not Working Anymore?

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In April I started using a tea tree oil regimen which greatly cleared up my skin. I use a tea tree oil based face wash in the shower and at night dab pure tea tree oil all over my face. Before this I could say I had mild/ sometimes semi moderate acne. From April up until the first week of November-ish I had incredibly clear skin. I got the occasional pimple but nothing close to what I had before I started using tea tree oil. Now, my skin isn't clear anymore and it seems that as more time passes my acne increases. I understand that it is winter and the tea tree oil might be drying my skin more, but my skin is pretty normal for the most part. not dry or oily; because of this I've been moisturizing more but I am still breaking out. I haven't changed anything in my diet and if anything I am eating healthier/ drinking way more water now. I do live in New York so I'm expecting a cold winter ahead but I'm not sure if it is the fault of the regimen or season. I just want my skin to be clear again. I tried taking Vitamin d3 supplements because I thought it was the lack of sun, but they didn't seem to help much and I wouldn't say I was out in the sun that much during the summer anyway. Any suggestions?? someone please help me!! 

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It's not recommended to use concentrated tea tree oil directly on your face, so I'm surprised it didn't cause you issues for so long. The max they recommend is diluting it 1:10 with another carrier oil for treating acne. 1:20 seems to be the most effective.

It might be too drying in the winter, I would try diluting it and see if that makes a difference, since you haven't changed anything about what you do. It's quite possibly the weather.

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