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22 Years Old guy worried about his face acne

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Hello everyone,

I got one problem which is why I am here, I got so many acne's on my face these acne comes on my face when I eat ( chips,burger,pizza) or anything oily. I stopped these things but my whole family starts making fun or me by saying you are not girl have a life dont play with your acne they gone worse if you keep playing with it, Somehow I am agreed with them but at the same I really hate these acne I am losing my confidence ( Already have a very low ). Right now I am taking makazi azithromycin 250mg which is helping me but I bought this from my country my doctor suggested me this but here In UK I cant find it. Can you guys suggest me something which can help me getting rid of acne. I cant just stop eating everything like chips pizza as I live alone I have to eat all this as we only get fast food here. 



Suggest me best medicine for my face-Acne Thank you

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I know it's difficult but there's a chance that maybe your body just can't handle your current diet.  You might want to try adjusting that a bit before anything else.    It seems like you know that the greasy and oily foods are causing your problem...Or at least affecting it negatively.  That's about 90 percent of the stress with acne...not knowing the cause as it can vary from person to person.  The fast food is obviously hurting you.....

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I have a hard time believing your only option is unhealthy food. Maybe its time to rethink that statement. Having a good diet is not only important for your skin but your overall mental and physical health. Also having feelings is not gender specific. If youre family is making fun of you for "being a girl" maybe its time to tell them that..newsflash, that has nothing to do with it. 

Anyway just my two cents on that. 


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I went to my skin specialist and he told me that greasy food is not the reason of acne, Lets say they are right but when I stop eating all this I dont get acne when I do I get. Who the hell Shall I believe on? 

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Everyone is different, some people's skin is heavily influenced by their diet. You yourself are seeing the negative impact on your skin when you eat greasy fast foods, definitely accept that as an indicator and do your best to change your diet.

I would try frozen dinners from the local supermarket; they're not the healthiest thing out there, but many of them do beat eating McDonald's. I don't know what brands are in the UK, but here in Canada we have Lean Cuisine, Michelina's, etc. They're cheaper than a McDonald's meal, healthier, and many are trans-fat free.

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