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Acne Treatment with Senstive Skin

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Today I am starting my 3 months of antibiotics as part of my acne fighting routine. Currently my forehead, cheeks and jawline have red marks and some whiteheads. During my log I am refraining from touching my face/picking. My face is very sensitive to things like fragrance, so I have to be careful with my skin products. 

Here is is my routine I am doing two times daily (morning and evening) 

- Take antibotic w/ food

- Clean hands

- Rinse face with lukewarm water for a few seconds

- Lather cleanser in hands

- Clean face 10 seconds using VU deep pore cleanser, using gentle touch

- Pat face dry, wait a few minutes (3-5 minutes if after sink) (15 minutes after shower)

- Apply 2 to 3 pumps of epiduo with clean hands using gentle touch (not rubbing product in) up to 2 times daily. (I've been on this product for a few weeks my tolerance has risen with the product now) 

- Let dry for about 10-15 minutes

- Apply pure 100% organic Aloe Vera to face, using small pumps of product at a time. Not rubbing the product in.

- If face feels super dry from the epiduo I use my UV Skins Systems night moisturizer.

I'm usually indoors so I have little worry when it comes to sunscreen, plus it's cloudy where I live. I am aware my skin is more  sensitive of UV rays. 

I'll keep track of my progress! I'm excited for improving my skin!


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Alright, 3 weeks of using Epiduo has started to improve my skin. These red marks have been bumming me out though, being in the center of my face and all.

I've been terrible about taking my antibiotics, so this improvement is all Epiduo. Remember when I said I use it up to two times daily? Yeah don't do that, only wear it at night. My skin was really irritated. My chin does get dry sometimes, so I apply it every other night on that area. My forehead hasn't dried out from Epiduo so I still apply there nightly. I have experienced redness and peeling. Applying makeup is really hard with Epiduo, it tends to crack and dry no matter what, so I've just been going bare skinned most times. I just want clear skin at this point, and makeup sure doesn't help my skin's health.

I have had to use lots of moisturizer to combat the dryness, applying it right after the shower seems to help. So my goal now is to start taking my antibiotic religiously, morning and night, and hopefully we will see more improvement. 

The photo below is only my forehead where my acne breakouts go wild. My cheeks also have some marks but I worry about those less.


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