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oily skin

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hello everyone long time reader of these forums, and the site. first time poster so heres my story/question


my skin is extremely oily.. i started breaking out when i hit the normal age around 14... I'm now 26. I've basically used 2.5% benzoyl peroxide for the past decade. its the only thing that "somewhat" works... i still get my share of breakouts when using it . I would say my acne is in between mild and moderate. i realize that BP isn't the greatest thing for my skin and I've tried on many occasion to stop using it.. but then my face breaks out like crazy! its as if my skin is dependent on the bp because i have such oily skin, so i end up skirmishing back to using BP..Question.. I've always lightly popped my pimples.. i don't have any acne scarring or anything like that... when you guys get pimples do you pop them? or let be and dry out.. once i see a pimple i feel like i have to get it right away and can't stand the fact that its sitting there.. I probably look at my face way to much in the mirror each day and night for "new" pimples..So I'm finally gonna make the plunge and visit a dermatologist next week, somewhat optimistic. my face is just so damn oily looks like a greased chicken if i forget to put bp on for more than a day ... anyway anyone with my type of skin with any suggestions, that would be great. thank you for you're time.

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Hi, yes I have really oily skin too. I find BP helps a lot because it causes dryness and decreases oil considerably and if you don't use BP just wash it off regularly or use paper to blot it off. I know some people say to not wash a lot but that is not true for me. The oil blocks my pores and causes acne. I merely rinse with water.

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I use 2.5 BP cleanser. I'm the same way with my oily skin..if I stop using it and use a gentler cleanser, my skin is so oily and after a week I start breaking out with patches of small whiteheads.  I go back on the BP and it dries them all out. 

Your Derm will tell you to go on accutane or give you a very strong cream like tretinoin that MAY work after 2+ months of horrible break outs.  It's all a waste, and I have no hope for my face.

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