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Should I do scar revision with acne?

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Hello I am 19 years old but I still have a lot of acne  especially during exam periods. I have a lot of scars due to severe acne in the past, is it wise to start acne scar treatment while still having acne?

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IT IS THE WATER!!!!  We acne prone ppl are allergic to chemicals. STOP using them!!

Our skin and hair can't handle Free Chlorine (Cl-), Combined Chlorine ( Sodium Hypochlorite), Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) and Iron Oxide (rust water)

Get a filtered shower head!!!! You will be amazed how your water is damaging your skin and hair. A filter will filter chemicals making your hard water softer. Trust me, I have tried everything before I started washing my body with only filtered water. Wash your face with combinations of honey, lemon, and coconut oil and sugar for exfoliation. Thayers Witch Hazel (No Alcohol) as toner. Use aloe Vera gel as moisturizer. Tea tree oil is great too. Stick to natural products as listed above.

Don't use lofas and do use wash cloths but oxiclean them when washing, do not bleach them

Birth Control is a Big No as is Man-Made antibiotics. Opt for natural antibiotics such as garlic and orgeano

If for some reason the moon turns purple and this does not work, get tested for food allergies ex dairy or gluten and Do educate yourself on GMO's

You all are Beautiful Best Of Luck!!

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Don't start scars treatment untill acne is under control. If there is a lot of it indeed, take accutane. If it is milder, your doctor will make for you use a combination of the following: benzoyl peroxyde, topical antibiotics, topical retinoids, maybe azelaic acid.

#kelly jones

You clearly have no idea about evidence-based medicine. Please stop misinforming people who have real problems.

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So chlorine just to name one chemical does no damage to your skin. It's funny because I learned this after moving a town over and my flawless skin was covered with cystic acne. After realizing the rotten egg smelling water was causing it, my filter cleared everything up. I want to help people you jerk. Have fun putting chemicals on your face.

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Your claims are just your own opinions and have nothing to do with the practice of dermatology. Either this or you bring studies that prove otherwise. Acne affects people usually at a very sensitive age (adolescence) and the last thing they want to hear is one random's bullsh*t. So stop copy pasting it (and defending it) with such confidence.

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