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Dermabrasion advice for olive color skin

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I want to ask questions to people that had dermabrasion for their scarring. Anyway my concern is the whole face hyperpigmentation that came from treatments and never went away. Did anyone do dermabrasion for scars and had bad hyper (wide spread) on top of it. When the color came back did the hyper come back also or did the color come back even? I am talking about yearlong hyperpigmentation and very large patches. I am very scared that if I do the derma that it will get worse or something. I have originally light olive skin. My face now is light brown though because of this. Hope anyone can help me. Thanks

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There's a lot of risk with dermabrasion, and many people have had bad results that are permanent. Post a picture of your scars. Your best course of action might be subcision and suction, combined with needling and peels.

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If you want to try again, I would recommend microdermabrasion!  That's what I did for my scars, it's just a little bit gentler, even though it takes a bit longer to see results.  I did it over the course of the summer and I definitely saw less hyperpigmentation by the end of my sessions in September.  Can you ask a derm or the person who gave you the dermabrasion to see normal side effects of it? They might have a solution for you on how to fix it!

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Anyway, I suppose I did not formulate the question right. I did not have dermabrasion. Since some people that have olive skin tone and have acne scars also have PIH, patches of hyperpigmentation I was wondering if the hyper went away with dermabrasion and if the colour came back even again. I already had microdermabrasion, tca peels and topicals and it made it worse. Since the dermabrasion is removing the melanocytes on basal layer and new melanocytes migrate to the basal layer from hair follicle I was wondering if this gives a more even skin tone. I also got scars from the microdermabrasion, cause she went way to deep and did not stretch my skin., but anyway, my concern is the dermal pigment, ;large patches all over face. I even have white aerias now from yearlong hydrochinon use that did nothing except for mess up my skin even more. Supposedly sometimes colour comes back after dermabrasion also.

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I had a dermabrasion in 1996 and it gave me a lot of hypopigmentation, which didn't manifest until around 2004. I would not do it again, with the treatments they have today. The hypopigmentation does not go away. At least it hasn't for me. But I heard that Fraxel helps with it. Also the Infini laser treatment I had helped break up the white spots.

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