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UK - Pricing of Regimen Products from Alternate Retailers

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Hi so I live in the UK and for the past year I've been purchasing the regimen products from Amazon UK. The overseas shipping delay and inevitable custom charges meant that ordering from this website was too inconvenient and expensive. Amazon prices would be around the Item price + overseas delivery prices (e.g £30-35 for Benzoyl Peroxide) however I've noticed over the last month or so the prices have skyrocketed on amazon (and on ebay etc.) to around the £50 mark (for the BP alone) which is just an impossible amount to pay on a regular basis with a low income. I noticed the original external amazon retailer I bought from was no longer stocking the Regimen products (with new external retailers charging the absurd price) and so I contacted them asking why this was the case. I received a reply which I've attached below. 

If this is the case I would urge Dan and Acne.Org to reconsider this change in thought process towards external vendors and subsequent reasonable overseas charges and delivery time for Regimen Users in the UK. Until this price increase changes I will not be able to afford the Regimen which sadly means my skin has started to go down hill but I'll just have to look for cheaper alternative products unless something changes. So please Dan can you provide a response if you read this and regardless reconsider this change. I am extremely grateful for the product and its done me a world of good so it would be a massive shame to have to give it up for financial reasons (as it perfectly reasonably priced if buying within the states) Thank you.


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 20.56.56.png

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I understand shipping and customs charges are killer. I used to be from the Philippines and to get packages there are ridiculously slow. My advice if you are trying to save up would be to save up and buy in bulk. I would buy 2-3 bottles of the BP treatment and just substitute the cleanser and moisturizer for more readily available ones. This way it would take about 7 months before my supply runs out.

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