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Really wanna get rid of this stupid scar I had for aleast 4 months now.. Can I please get advise?

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This is a stupid habit that I have. everytime I see a stupid black head I tend to pop it.. I usually pop it out but the skin around it get scratched or peeled.. after that it leaves a reddish mark where the peeled skin is.. Usually this take me about a month to heal. however, during August I had a minor black head and somehow I manage to peel a large portion of the skin on my nose.. This large portion of skin that was peeled still has not healed.. Any advise to make it go away faster? Any skin products that will prevent scaring from peeling skin on the nose from blackhead? I would love some advise.


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Get a prescription for Retin-A Micro ASAP from a dermatologist or doctor. Or order online: [removed]. Whenever you see a blackhead put some on it and let it work its magic. Don't touch it and don't pick at it. I think this will slowly fade with time and application of retinoids. If not, maybe try a mild TCA peel. This will improve but you could make this a LOT lot worse for yourself if you continue. Trust me you will wish you could turn back time and not mess with your skin.

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